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16 octobre 2014 4 16 /10 /octobre /2014 11:06

Comodo Dragon is somewhat a derived from Chromium, the open-source project behind Google Chromium, adding some features and "more security".

So far, I was quite happy with it.


Today, I saw this message while opening my GMail account:


Comodo Dragon and Gmail

[in English: This version of Chrome browser is no longer compatible"

Gasp... what? Chromium not compatible anymore with GMail? sounds like a paradox...!

Then I double checked: Chromium versions available, Comodo installed version, and bingo:

Comodo Dragon and Gmail

It seems that guys at Comodo are late to publish newer versions of Comodo Dragon: Chromium is now v40, while Dragon sticks with version 33...

Guys... we need you!

Otherwise, as for every obsolete product, I would have to switch to another browser, and recommend everyone that reads my blog to do the same.... :(

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