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18 septembre 2009 5 18 /09 /septembre /2009 21:17

This started when I wanted to try to run a BSD system inside a MS Virtual machine (Virtual PC 2007). Just to know for example, if the same problems as for Ubuntu occur (special command line options for the kernel needed to start the VM).

But... the only problem is I needed obviously a BSD iso, and the thing is PC-BSD is almost impossible to download from the official website: http://www.pcbsd.fr/content/view/2/3/#CD1 
I tried all their mirrors, none of them worked ("page not found", "error while trying to connect do database", and so on).

Guys... showing maybe 20 mirrors is indeed a good thing, and prove you care about quality of service (meaning download). But, if not even 1 out of 20 repositories work, that's even worse...

Furthermore, if those repositories do not respect the basics of HTTP servers security:
- no information disclosure in default error pages
- no obsolete components being left without security updates
Am I really supposed to trust that mirror?

Here is what I got:

Do I really have to install yTorrent to download an ISO of PC-BST x86 ? ...

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