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10 mars 2010 3 10 /03 /mars /2010 00:01

Recently, a new contact requested me to add her/him as a new MSN one.

Even if I did not recognize the address, I accepted the invitation. This was for analysing purpose, I do NOT recommend any people to do the same!

Anyway, here is the contact: altagraciatehney09 AT hotmail.com

One night, that person went online and started to talk to me. Within less than a minute, I had the impression I was talking to a bot. Check yourself, the talk (meaning her replies) is not logical...

The person said she was a girl. And shortly after that, she strongly suggested me to connect to:


which redirects to:

Here is a screenshot of it:

Then the real trick came out: it was about "age checking"...
I was supposed to give a credit card number!


I was curious to see who had registered the domain name. Here is a new surprise!

Domains by Proxy, Inc!!!  
an "old friend", regarding my VX watch 'n' analysis activity...!  (for those who are not familiar with it, it's mainly a registrar providing anonymous whois...).

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Bonsoir j'ai accepté le contact mais je n'ai pas eu de conversation avec, a part un c qui?
puis le contact à été bloquer et supprimer.
Que sont les risques?



désolé de vous répondre si tard, je n'avais pas vu le commentaire.

Les risques sont le vol d'informations personnelles (tout vous concernant, administrativement bancairement, etc) si vous vous connectez au site et commencez à remplir les formulaires disponibles
sur le site.

Si vous n'avez fait que discuter sur MSN, les risques sont minimes. Cependant, vérifiez quand même votre mot de passe MSN, et je vous conseille même de le changer.

Bonne continuation,