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15 septembre 2010 3 15 /09 /septembre /2010 21:05

Once again, I did not expect I could write an article about that while I was updating my Firefox.

The issue appears to be the same on 2 different configurations:

- Win XP 32 SP3,

- Win7 64 


On Win 7, I launch Firefox to check for updates. I have to do it using the RunAs feature since my account is not an administrator.

Very well then, Firefox tells me there is an update: FF 3.6.9 (I was using 3.6.8). Therefore I download it. To finish the install procedure, it tells me Firefox has to be closed, OK...


Then, I have got the now famous warning telling that the Flash plugin, that is being incorporated to Firefox, is outdated.




So I click on the link to get the new Flash Player version...

This is where my first remark stands: why does Firefox block the Flash installation? How could lambda users understand that?


Okay, I click on the warning to allow the plugin installation anyway...

Then, it tells me that Firefox has to be restarted to get the installation procedure done, fine.

I restart Firefox. An Adobe installation screen appears, then nothing... I have just to click on the 'close' orange button.



But because I am kindda not a lambda user, I think of checking my configuration. Therefore I use the "plugin update checker" feature in FF.

This is where the problem comes:



According to Mozilla.com, my Flash plugin is not up to date!

If I click on "update now", here is the warning I get:



Translation: 'no plugin found. PLugin applicatioin/getplusadobe16291 is unknown'...

What's happening there?

Update: the answer is there: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.6.10/releasenotes/ 






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