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11 août 2010 3 11 /08 /août /2010 20:40

Well that was not expected once again to find such an issue...


Here is the configuration I'm gonna talk about :

- Win 7 Ultimate

- full patched

- Google Chrome 5.0.375.125


I let this laptop running when I went to bed. During the night, the last Windows updates have been installed, as I set it up. At the end, the WUAUSERV launches a restart procedure, with a warning before doing it.

The thing is, I was not there to delay the reboot, so it happened.


I had Google Chrome (and other applications) opened, with several tabs. Google Chrome is supposed to show a panel when it's being launched after a crash.


But this time, nothing. The history was not even working. And above all: I could not access google.com anymore (quite funny, isn't it...), whereas my other browsers Opera and FF were working like a charm.




Close any chrome.exe instance, including (but not only) GMail app! (yeah, don't forget this one).

Restart Chrome,  then GMail.


Now, it works, Google.com access and history.



This story to remind people that web apps run on top of a browser.  

If the browser encounters a problem, all the (instances) web apps should be closed to fix it entirely. And last, be careful with automatic reboot after system update: check that your apps/docs do resist a forced close for reboot...

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