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12 février 2011 6 12 /02 /février /2011 05:58

Once again, Chrome jumped to a new version. It is now at 9.0.597.84.


But what I find interesting to point out is that:

- the new version detection is silently done, without any user agreement nor notice

- the download of the new version is also being silently and automatically done 

In short, the next time you restart Chrome, the new version is there. And whereas Chrome is a quite recent browser, it has already had 9 versions... (remember: IE 9 is still a beta version, Firefox 4 too, Safari still a v5... and yes Opera v10)


The thing is, if you use G Chrome as a lightweight client, this kindda "forced update" may lead to compliance issues, for instance application not being tested/validated with the new Chrome version before it is being deployed.


Furthermore, there are only a few details about this update, except: 


But who owns this blog? is it really an official "G Chrome" web blog? sorry, I don't find any proof of authenticity.


There is also http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=4125a7f102c8ae9e&hl=en , but this is a forum, not an official portal...


In a nutshell, Chrome updates itself without (almost) any notification... therefore it is a software that a company does not manage completely, thus I do not recommend to use Chrome as a default web browser for production applications... (unless the firm has got real efficient proxies with filtering layer and reports...).


I hope this helps.

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