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12 décembre 2010 7 12 /12 /décembre /2010 21:20

To my knowledge, this will be the pnly (or almost) guide about that particular file type: .tpa.


You may find them on recovery CD/DVDs. You may want to restore the image, but sometimes the automated script will fail (as it happened to me).


Without doing any reverse engineering, that could be illegal, I will explain the needed command lines to restore those TPA files.


First, contrary to what some of you may believe, you don't need Ghost, I mean the whole application. The reason is quite simple: the batch files you may find on the backup CD/DVD only refer to Ghostwin or Ghost32.exe (when creating the image, in a TPA file)...  But these Ghost files seem to be absent on the backup CD/DVD you have.


Here is the trick, in fact you don't need them!


 Browse the folders around the TPA files, you'll find a "recounpack.exe" one, which is only what you need.


Here is the command line that works:

recounpack.exe %file%.tpa f: 

Where   %file%  is the filename of the fine which extension is ".tpa", and F: the letter of the drive where the whole image will be restored.

Et voilà :) 


NB : please be careful as this operation will destroy all data on the destination drive you set up.


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