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11 mai 2011 3 11 /05 /mai /2011 23:47



To those who do not read French like easily ;), this screens comes from a Win 7 warning telling me that I should check the editor's identity of the file kav11.0.2.556FR-INT_213_VP.exe.

The certficate provided by KLabs to digitally sign the setup of KAV 2011 has expired on March 2011, the 8th...

But the software (and the file) is still being sold on the web...

How could we explain to users theyu should check carefully the digital signatures of the files they download/install after that?

NB: the version of the installer is


Update 1:


After a few days without turning one PC, Kaspersky (and Windows) complains because it is "obsolete". Allright.

But when you launch the update, Win 7 displays a warning, to ask you for confirmation that you trust a Kaspersky file...!


Here are the (french version of the) warning, on the right, and the certificate details, showing it has expired since the 9th of March 2011...



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