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9 juin 2011 4 09 /06 /juin /2011 13:41

I have been working on computers viruses for a few years... but when I say "computer virus/threats", I do not only talk about Wintel/x86 ones. Thus I also had to fight against the “well known” idea that MacOS has no virus, no threats. Even worse, 5 years ago, I have seen some Mac OS being the source of infection for Win32 platforms within a LAN... very easy to deal with (what? no antivirus on the shared resources?)

Right now, this fight to open customers' eyes, and business guys' eyes, still goes on. As an example, a bit of Google search for the words "macos no virus" brings me to:

and even: http://www.apple.com/macosx/what-is/
Quotation: OS X doesn’t get PC viruses. And with virtually no effort on your part, the operating system protects itself from other malicious applications



But there are some new public stuff, which I find interesting:

 and the now (in)famous MacDefender:


I think it is just outstanding to see Apple developping and releasing what I believe to be an equivalent of the MSRT (Microsft Malicious Software Removal Tool)! See:

Regarding an OS which is said not to be concerned by virii, they now update on a daily basis a "fire-and-forget" tool to clean malwares from MacOS computers! That's a victory for Security, to me.

(well, now... I have to put that in application to the IT parks I have got in my security perimeter... that’s another story.)

Nonetheless, as we already know that phenomenon in "MS Windows" environments, the VX scene is also able to update the malware, within hours...

As a feedback, Apple could probably take into account the fact that most AV softwares on Windows now automatically update themselves on a hourly basis, by default... this came a few years ago already.

Sadly, Apple first refused to give support to the customers calling for help, despite the rise of calls to the support:

It seems that they changed their mind afterwards, and kindda admit the “malware” on MacOS do exist and above all, could not be just handled by lambda users…

Last, in case of, here are guidelines to remove MacDefender:

And let me remind that Sophos offers a free AV for MacOS (home use).

I hope this will prevent IT systems, secured regarding Windows/Linux, to be compromised through Mac OS environements, that did not need security…

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