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23 mars 2010 2 23 /03 /mars /2010 21:51
I was honestly not expecting it.
I recently found out that one of my Skype accounts had received an offline message, from an unknown contact (meaning I hadn't accepted myself!)

Here is a screenshot of it:

 At the time of writing (24 hours after I received the message), I still don't know if this is a new scam variant or not. In case of, I publish it (if anybody has got any additional information about it, feel free to post any comment).

But what I do know is that it  appears that Skype used an opt-out way to contact me. I never requested to receive such marketing ads (probably targeted ones...). 

If you visit the website 
http://thebulletintrackers.com/ , you'll see at the top of a page a link (yes it's quite small) called 'skype removal'... yes sounds weird since I did not subscribe to anything.
This weblink points to: http://thebulletintrackers.com/skyperemoval.php

I did try to unsubscribe myself, I'm gonna see what happens, and I'll keep my readers up to date. Untill then, I suggest anybody to be prudent with this marketing campaign. 
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