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12 avril 2010 1 12 /04 /avril /2010 21:46

As you probably read on te web, at the same time people welcome new URL services such as goo.gl, others warn about new threats that come with them: bypassing URL filters using URL shorteners...

Here is a kindda new sample. Once again, over the MSN Network. 


If you click on te URL, the tinyURL system will automatically redirect you to: http://www.camstranger.com/

Once again, I strongly warn any people to click on that link, unless you know what you do.

The website seems to be a kindda public chat, with webcam. AFAIK there is no viral component on it. But I would say anyway that this looks strange.


My guess: some guys rented a BotNet and/or a stolen MSN accounts database to send a massive communication in order to promote that new public chat... 

I'll try to check that out later on :)

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