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2 novembre 2009 1 02 /11 /novembre /2009 22:17
I find it quite funny when an AV or any security system alerts for something regarding another security system.

This time, it is about antispam and AV vendor security newsletter...

The antispam is: Thunderbird  2.0.23
The newsletter is: Sophos enews

Here is what I found out within my mailbox "junk"  folder:


Basicly what happens is that the Thunderbird embedded antispam system believes Sophos enews is to be considered as spam.

But I don't! And the worst is that even if I tag almost any of these emails as "acceptable" (not junk), the next ones are still being deplaced within the Junk folder.

How can I tell Mozilla that Sophos enews is not spam? I subscribed to their newsletter, and above all, their are a antispam vendor...
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