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5 octobre 2011 3 05 /10 /octobre /2011 23:57

I wanted to benchmark a little bit the level of protection that Trusteer offers for real. Trusteer is said to be a leader in Internet content security filtering. See (in French): http://lesbanquesenligne.fr/articles-banques-en-ligne/boursorama-lutte-contre-la-fraude-bancaire-avec-%C2%ABtrusteer%C2%BB/

So I looked for URL phishing reports. I knew a few dedicated portals, such as Phishtank, Netcraft... I decided to try this time Clean-MX.dehttp://support.clean-mx.de/clean-mx/phishing.php

One of the first links in the list is marked as targeting eBay. Alright, eBay is in the list of "trusted websites being watched by Trusteer".

Here is the Phishtank's report of the phish I picked up: 


The problem is that Trusteer did not alert me while accessing the malicious website, whereas Internet Explorer did prompt an alert (and the address bar remained red, good point).


So, a well known phishing, publicly reported, targeting a "Trusteer's trusted website" would not be blocked nor at least trigger a warning by Trusteer... I find it a pity.

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