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19 avril 2011 2 19 /04 /avril /2011 23:25

Let's talk a little bit about the A: availability... and maybe also about the I: integrity...


I do my best to put in application the advices I give at work: make sure you back up your systems and data... well, I decide to use the Rescue and Recovery software than ships with my Laptop.


Alright, I was then very happy to be able to use my NAS, as a destination backup for R&R (as they all call it).


A few weeks after that, I had... a crash. :(  there begin the problems...


I did a fresh install of W7, and I was then ready to restore my backup (I thought I would just have to re-install R&R on the new W7)... well, not really :(


I have first to say that the R&R software was not said to be fully compliant with Win7... Nonetheless, Lenovo did publish it with the System Update technology, so that my laptop had it installed right away.


And shortly after the day I did my backup, there was an update of R&R software. The only thing is that new version of Rescue & Recovery does not detect my backup! Neiter of the NAS, nor on a local partition (when I had copied the whole RRbackups content, that is on my NAS).


I can't believe what I read on the forums:



A new/different version of R&R is not able to restore a backup build with another version of R&R! So why do they publish automatic updates for R&R with SystemUpdate, and don't tell the users about that quite important point regarding the backups they've already created?



So, the full advise is: make sure you have backups, but also TEST them on a regular basis!

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